Bath WOW Geranium Salt Scrub

Ooooo Oh Wow I have just discovered a delicious homemade Geranium Essential Oil Salt Bath Scrub.  I was visiting a friend in Wales and to my HORROR she did not have a shower.  How is this possible????  Well, I was forced to quiet my mind and bathe every morning.  This was difficult for me at first (go go go GO personality) but I had no choice but to give in.  What made it magic was not only the hot water relaxing my muscles (you might be wondering if I have EVER bathed before… and you might be right!) was my friends homemade Geranium Salt Scrub.  I am now bathing just so I can scrub!  I queried her for the recipe and googled around to see what others were doing.  Here is what I came up with:

4 tablespoons Sea Salt (even table salt is fine)

4 tablespoons Epsom Salts (good for muscles!)

3 tablespoons Almond Oil

1 tablespoon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (gives it a nice buttery colour)

approximately 10-15 drops Geranium Essential Oil (depending on your preference)

Put in glass jar that you can seal and let settle for 30 mins.

I love it!!  Time to soak & scrub.


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