At home skin tag removal experiment with Apple Cider Vinegar

I am known to my friends a bit of a fiddler.  I make my own scrubs and tonics and now I have turned the fiddling with natural skin tag removal.  I know the doctor or even myself can lance them off… but they bleed heavily and can leave a scar so I thought I would try a different approach, not to mention the money saved for a doctor’s appointment.  Here is what I did and what worked and what didn’t work.  I only have 2 skin tags (one on my arm and one on my neck), so I don’t have that much to experiment on.  This goes without saying I am not a medical professional and this is only my experience, so make sure you check with your doctor that the skin tag/mole is not of concern before you attempt to remove it yourself.

First attempt:  Used clear nail polish.  Painted over the skin tag (in my inner crook of the arm).  Skin tag blew up in size — almost blister like and little scary — and my skin reacted very poorly to the nail polish and I developed quite a rash.  Opinion:  I would NOT do this again.  And it did not finish the tag off.  I had to use Apple cider vinegar to finish the job.

Second attempt:  Apple cider vinegar.  I cut a tiny square of cotton pad to cover the tag and soaked it in organic apple cider vinegar and then used a band aid to secure and left over night.  Repeat if necessary.  Results:  Skin tag turned black and fell off in about 3-5 days with no bleeding and no scarring.  Once it is at the black/dark brown stage it is dead and you can stop using the vinegar and just wait for the tag to fall off.  Do not pick!  I do have slightly red skin around the area from the nail polish but that is fading over time and my skin is smooth.  I can’t believe a tag used to be there!  Opinion & Mistakes:  I would use this method again if I had more skin tags!  Apple cider vinegar is strong acid and I did not protect the surround skin so I got a bit of an acid burn around and near the skin tag.  I am using Rose Hip Oil to reduce the redness and heal the skin.  If I did this again what I would do differently:  1. protect surrounding skin with Vaseline and 2. maybe start by just holding a q tip on the tag 3 times a day to see if that works before leaving it on over night.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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  1. Alternative method – tie a piece of thread tightly around the base of the skin tag. Cuts off blood supply and tag falls off.

  2. Thank you so much for this info! I’m going to try it with the 1 on my neck. I have sensitive skin (I’m a redhead) so ill use the vasoline and try with applying with Q-Tip…. 🙂 thanks again! -Tanya

  3. Firstly, I am going to try your method…I have many skin tags to practice on….Secondly, my Doctor told me they will not bleed…..there are no blood vessels going to these tags and I have had them cut off with no bleeding.

      • Likewise. All of the skin tags I’ve removed have bled a tiny bit. If they didn’t have some sort of blood supply, they couldn’t stay attached to the skin! LOL My friend told me of a faster way – use sterilized cuticle nippers and remove the skin tag exactly the same way one would remove a hang nail. That’s what I’ve used for 10 years now with great success. Some skin tags get very large, and this is not suitable for a skin tag larger than the nippers will accommodate.

        I’m not a medical doctor, nor do I play one on TV. 🙂 This is not medical advice. This is simply reporting what works for me.

    • Skin tags do bleed…they have a direct source of blood, that’s what keeps them “alive”. Tie them off with dental floss so the blood circulation stops and then they fall off.

    • I have had my gp cut them off & they ALWAYS bleed so now that I am on warfarin ( a blood thinner) I am scared to have them cut off. Also the dr. charged $250 per skin tag & sent them off so then I had a lab fee also. Took the better part of 2 hours to just do a few. Now have a lot but can’t afford to have them done like that again. 😦

      • $250 PER TAG? That is crazy! So sad that you went thru that. Things like this is what makes us not go to the Dr. Not a good choice (not going to the Dr) but who can afford paying this kind of money for skin tags. Geeze!

      • 250? my dermatologist wanted $10 for each and i thought it was too much… i tried the dental floss but did not tied correctly and it was on my neck for weeks till it finally fell off. I will try the ACV as i have a couple more.

  4. Hiya,

    I had a skin anomaly on my forehead, at first it was small then grew to the size of a nickel. I had heard that Hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells, so I did what you did with the vinegar. I put some of the peroxide on a piece of cotton ball and fixed it over the skin with a bandaid. I left it on for 30 min, each day. After about 3 days it started to shrink, in a week it had broke/shrunk into 3 pieces. By the end of 3 weeks, the pieces had all fallen off and there was no evidence of it ever having been there.

    I had witnesses from my work to watch the progress of it, so that I had proof it worked. It does work, just takes a while to do it, and the peroxide stings only slightly. That is why I left it on for only 30 min. I did this twice a day until it was gone.

    • I had the same thing on my hairline and another on the back of my leg… I dabbed it with a q-tip dipped in eucalyptus oil every morning. After having the suspicious spots for over a year, this got rid of them in a couple weeks and they never came back.

  5. I have Plenty of skin tags I will try with a q – tip and let you know. I have tried everything and so far nothing work ‘s. Thanks for the information 😊😊😊

  6. I am going to give this a try. I do have a lot of skin tags and have removed them by using Vicks – but it does take constant use and a couple of weeks, but does work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thanks for the information.

  7. Vitamin E will remove them to. Take a capsule brake it open put on tag cover with a Banda and mine feel off in about 3-5 days no smell or redness at all

  8. you can also make a paste with aspirin and water. put some of the paste on the skin tag and put a band-aid on it. do this daily until its gone.

  9. I had several removed and they used a hot stick to carterize it because of the bleeding. Tying it off with a string DOES effectively cut off the blood supply and they will fall off but I have difficulty keeping it tied on there. I will surely try this.

    • Yes they feed of
      Capillary blood supply. res then…Burning them off leaves a scare. Especially on face. I had one removed over 30 years ago, left slight hole on my temple. we did not know these natural cu

  10. you can also tie elastic thread around them, hurts a little at first….but they will dry up and fall off in 3-4 days. no scar and no irritation.

  11. I had a skin tag and I tied dental floss around the base of it, as stated above, but it wasn’t tied quit tight enough so it got red and swollen and quite angry looking. I eventually went to the Dr, he just burned it off. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, you really have to strangle it to death…. lol I will try this other method though…. thanks

  12. I dipped a nail clippers in alcohol, then clipped them off. they bled, but just kept it clean. the Doctor had a fit, but I survived. wouldn’t recommend it to everyone tho, just what I did. lol!

    • I can only tell you how I get rid of mine. The first one I got I went to the dermatologist and they froze it. It feel off like a week later. It took him about 30 seconds and cost me $400. So now when I get them and I only seem to get them on my face. I use the freezing wart remover. I works great just follow the directions on the package it does sting a little but it works.

    • This may sound a bit strange but I use tape. The heavy white 1/2 inch kind that you secure bandages or even heavy duty scotch tape. I put it over the crust pressing firmly all around and leave it on for 36 to 48 hours. Take it off and repeate with clean tape. This works very well for the few I have had. If it has not gone by the second application wait a bit. Sometimes it takes longer to shrink back but I have never had to use the tape more than 2 times. They go away and the skin is smooth and no dark color.

    • I have used white vinegar on crusty age spots and on skin tags, I don’t use band aides as my skin is very sensitive to the adhesive on them. I just put vinegar on them 3 times a day with a Q-tip swab until they turned brown then black and fell off.

    • How did you use the clove essential oil? Did you apply it directly to the skin tag and cover with bandage? Did you dilute it with another oil first?

      • I don’t know what Sadie did, but I researched it on Google. Really you can find anything you need to know or what you wonder about by putting in a few words in the search box. You of course need to verify most of what you find, but it’s Here is a link with one of many answers and one I’m going to try myself:

        Here is what it said (7 yr old thread):
        Forget the sting, thread and scissors!!!!

        I put a drop of clove oil on mine each day. After a few days, it turned blood red. A day or two later it fell off.

        There was no infection, no blood, and no scar. You can get clove oil at health food stores.

        Avoid putting it on later in the day, because the aroma will keep you awake. I found out the hard way.

        Good luck and be well.


        Now, I do know that you’ll want to be careful not to get it on your clean skin if you are sensitive. You can test a little in the crook of your arm to see what kind of reaction if any, you have. If you get a little rash, lavender essential oil should minimize or eliminate it.

        I’m not a medical person nor am I trying to practice medicine, this is just my experience..


  13. Thank you for your experiment . I have been looking for a way to remove these. I also tried nail polish, didn’t get redness , but didn’t get ride of tag either. I will be trying this this weekend.

  14. Just as a warning. Don’t use Oregano oil for removing moles or tags! My husband both tried it at the same time and had broken out with an extremely itchy rash all around our moles. Lasted for weeks and was horrible!! His mole came off eventually and it did nothing to mine. I still itch a little on my lower back where the mole is. I suppose if we would have tried applying it with a q-tip that may have been better. I may try the apple cider vinegar if I ever get up the nerve to mess with it again.

  15. I used iodine to get rid of one on my arm, & one on my eyelid. 4 days, & both were gone. Can’t stand the smell of vinegar, so tried the iodine & it worked well.

    • How long did you put the iodine on ur eyelid? I have a mole on my eyelid I’m afraid to get it burned off lol. So I would like to try other methods.

      • On your or anywhere around your eye, I suggest you have a doctor do it. Just be sure you aren’t taking any meds that have blood thinning outcomes. A mole above my eye was removed with good out come. I was taking something for a toothache and the doctors office didn’t say not to take anything. bleed for a while until the got it to stop with a septic pencil. Ended up with a black eye, but I didn’t care. Good Luck

  16. I have some around my eye area, do you think the acv would be safe next to the eye or would something else be less irritating?

    • I would not recommend using ACV next to the eye area as ACV is very irritating. Have look through the comments as I think some other people have had some success with less acidic things than ACV.

  17. Thanks for all your comments. I tried Apple Cider Vinegar 2 years ago and so far no sign of the skin tags and no scaring either. I can’t believe I waited that long to do it in the first place.

  18. I have had a couple that have been irritated…I used neosporinand a bandaid and within a couple of days they had fell off!!

  19. This is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s exactly what my plastic surgeon did the one and only time I paid to have them removed. Get some dry ice (just a small piece is enough) and put it in an old cloth and smash it with a hammer. Carefully shake the pieces in an open small container and add some rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. (Grabbing the dry ice will cause contact burns; read up on how to handle safely, if you don’t get the lecture from the guy who sells it to you…) Let it super cool, and stick a q-tip in it. Quickly apply it to the skin tag, being carefully not to contact surrounding skin. The tag should turn white as it freezes, and then snip it off at the base with super-cooled cuticle scissors. The dry ice solution cauterizes and desensitizes the whole process. The snipping isn’t necessary, but you don’t have to wait for anything to fall off, or worry about snagging dead bits on clothing or towels.

    • I used Organic but I think non organic/regular ACV should work as well. I am guessing the skin tag disappeared because of the acid content of the ACV which should be the same for both organic and non. Good luck.

    • PLEASE, PLEASE go get this checked! My cousin had a mole that was growing fast. she put off having it checked for two months because she wanted to go on a trip. It was melanoma and she died two months later…..GO GET IT CHECKED OUT PLEASE!!!

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  21. I had a very big mole in the middle of my back and I applied olive oil to it for about a week and it fell off.My Dr.was shocked.He said he had never seen that happen before.

  22. I had one suddenly appear on the inside of my thigh. It drove me crazy! I would find myself pulling at it absent mindedly while watching TV. One evening It felt a little sore from all the pulling so got a mirror and looked at it. It was red and inflamed. I pulled on it again and the outside skin of the tag just slipped off like a little sock!! The next morning the remaining tag was gone! No soreness, nothing. Not even a scar.

  23. C utting off blood supply gone in 3 days used a string tied tight and by 3 days. wiping will lemon juice or vinegar helps, but I thing lemon juice is easy on skin. Lavender oil helps heal skin after tag falls off.

  24. We simple tie a piece of thread around the tag. After a couple days it starts to discolor the falls off. Never had any bleeding or scaring (unless I picked at it) Careful not to tie too tight or it will hurt. Just tight enough to where you feel pressure. Thanks for sharing your method. I will most likely try this being a fidler myself.

  25. I have tied a strand of my hair around mine and yes they fall off after a few days. AS I have gotten older…they seem to be multiplying! Im gonna try the vinegar thing though…the hair tying thing kinda creeps me!

  26. I have many skin tags. I’ve tried many things to remove them and found the simple bandaid does the trick. Keep bandaid on for 5 (ish) days and it dies and falls off!

  27. I use ice and a nail clipper. I iced the tag until it felt numb and cold. Clean the front clipper with rubbing alcohol then clipped the tag off. It will bleed a little, but I ice it again and put a tissue on it till it stop bleeding.

  28. Plain Castor Oil will do the same thing. It also removes warts ! Castor oil draws things out of your’s also great for eyelashes and promotes growth . I had a wart on my ankle that persisted even after a trying 2 different over the counter wart treatments didn’t work after doing exactly as directed. … Months later I tried simple castor oil. When I thought about it, so not every day..a drop of oil on it & a small round band aid over it…for a few weeks when I thought about it …It was all gone with no scar or evidence it was there..

  29. It hurts to cut them off….My doctor said it would not and it sure did. Going to try the vinegar thing. Thank you.

  30. My problem is my most annoying skin tags are in the corners of my eyes. I have had cirrhosis of the liver from an autoimmune disorder for 11 years, and as I understand, this is one of its weird complications.

  31. I know it’s safe to do it on skin tags , but is it safe to actually remove moles ourselfs ?? As skin tags can’t turn cancerous but moles can , they are Not the same thing ?? Would be great if they can be done yourself as had many removed by doctors but got so many more I would like to be rid of 😀

  32. I’ve always used Oil of Cloves successfully as skin tag removal. I soak a q-tip and hold it on the tag for a few seconds before going to bed for about 3-5 days, it turns black and falls off.

  33. would apple cider vinegar work on a sun damage spot on the side of my head? I went to the gp about it,he said it would have to be burnt of with the dry ice stuff..its not cancerous its just like a skin colour mole…

  34. ACV does work for wart removal. I had a stubborn one on the back of my ankle for nearly years. I used the freezing methods, but I am sensitive to cold due to a thyroid and chronic pain condition, so I could never stay with them. I read about ACV. It said to put a cotton ball on the wart every night and two weeks or so it would disappear. Mine only took three days. I’ve been working on the skin tags a bit at a time. I started getting a lot of them when my thyroid was out of whack. With changes in my meds, most have disappeared, but there are a couple of stubborn tags.

    • I had two come up, one next to my eye and the other right in front of my ear. I heard fro my aunt to use johnson and johnson baby shampoo! I put it on a washcloth and washed my around my eye and face with it. The shampoo is safe for eyes (” no more tears”) and did not burn. I did this 4 years ago and they have never come back!

  35. My son has skin tags all over him I have his a doc.apt but its not until October he has two on his nose do you think it would be ok to put some on a band aid and try it that way I’m nervous its gonna burn his eyes being so close

    • Be sure the skin tags are not actually a virus, molluscum contagiousum, that is going through the school systems before applying these methods. This condition is very contagious and doctors advise to leave them alone until they run their course, usually just over a year. As for skin tags, the ACV works well, but a doctor once told me just to shave them off when they are small…I used the vinegar.

  36. Another way to remove skin tags, especially close to an eye is to tie sewing thread around it. I know, it’s very gross to think about, but I had one about 10 yrs ago & I tried it. The tag turned black & feel off in a couple days. Yukk! but effective 🙂

    • I had one on a lower eyelid. I noticed after 6 months of chemo therapy it was gone. Still have the other’s on my neck but the one on the eyelid was interfering with my vision. Be careful if you are diabetic, I’m going to try polysporin first. My sister finally got rid of plantar warts with gasoline and bandaid. I’m not sure if non-organic account will do the trick. The organic contains ‘the mother’ which is no longer active in the non-org because of the processing.

    • Carefull here. I thought I just got a red bump on my jaw – went to the Dr. for something else and doc told me it was pre-cancer. Doc froze it!

  37. Tie a thin piece of string or hair around it and pull it a little tight leave it and it’ll fall off on it own in 2-3 days. (Cut ends of stings/hair) you won’t even realize it came off

  38. I had 27 tags removed at the Doctors office.They used scizzors.I was a little nauseated when they were done with a little pain . they r still healing

    • skin tags have a shallow root just under the skin surface. when your skin tag was tied off it likely did not kill the root and it grew back sort of ‘stumpy’. my husband had the same thing happen with one over his eyebrow. you can ask your doctor to freeze them off, especially around sensitive areas.

      • I had a bump on my upper back, went to Doc, he cut it, thought he had it all, had to go back in a couple of weeks, those things have DEEP roots. Ended up with a scar about two inches long, took out about two inches of flesh and then the stitches, glad it is over with, healed in a weeks or so.

  39. Thread! You run no risk of bleeding, burns, infection, etc. If you cut off the blood supply to an area…it will die, thus falling off. The best part is it’s virtually painless and no doctors bill! I had one that I simply used a piece of sewing thread and tied it as tight and as close to the base of the tag as possible. (Note: you won’t be able to tie it to the VERY bottom of it initially) Each day, there will be noticeable results and you will be able to tie the string/thread closer each time, until eventually you are able to tie it almost flush against your body. After the skin dies, it will fall off on its own leaving a small scab mark, (like you would have with a normal scratch), which will also heal. The whole process took me less than a week and you can’t tell there was ever anything there! 🙂

  40. if you use baking soda they will also fall off .put baking soda on dry add drop of water and cover it takes about a week or so. But does work

  41. if they are small enough, you can use clean nail clippers and snip them off. at the dr office, all we did was use scissors. If they were too big, we use the cryo method and burn them off.

  42. Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old with a skin tag very close to his ear. I shall be taking him next week to remove it. Do you think i shall try this method or would he end up with some kind of rash or something ??

  43. I have had skin tags come up over the last 15 years. I asked my Dr. how to get rid of them and she told me the next time I came in she would snip them off with scissors. So I went home and tried it myself, I used manicure scissors cleaned in alcohol and clean the skin tag area with alcohol. I have snipped off many over the years with no pain and most of the time no blood, if they do bleed its is never more than a couple of drops. Also no scaring, even one I snipped off under my eye. Do not let them get too large or you will have a sting when you cut it off and could have an issue with bleeding.

    • Had one on my eyelid. The Dr. got a hold of it with tweezers and then snipped it off with scissors close to the base. When he pulled on it, it made it thin enough to easily snip. No bleeding, little pain for just an instant. Works since you can’t risk any product close to your eye.

    • Had ‘something’ on my right eyelid, tag or what – just somekind of growth. My Doc would not mess with it, went to skin Doc, nurse stuck me several times with a very very small needle and then Doc cut/shaved it off. Did not hurt due to shots but I was very concerned, that close to my eye – please don’t make a mistake and mess with anything that could impact your eye.

  44. I am very excited to try ACV for my skin tags…I’ve been putting off going to dr and have them cut like I do often. Thanks for the advice and I’ll give you an update in a few days.

  45. Had many removed by doctor, he told me to get some cuticle scissors and do it myself lol, tried the string , not very comfortable. Make sure if it’s a big one to see dr I had ine he removed that required stitches.

  46. Please, never mess with moles. That’s a different animal altogether. Wouldn’t hesitate with the skin tags, good ideas.

  47. Thanks for the great ideas my husband has a few around his neck will definatly attempt it and ill post the results.

  48. Very useful . I will try on my skin tags.
    I would like to know how to treat corn on the sole of the foot.I have 7 on the right sole of the foot.

    • Ouch! I had plantar warts (they grow into the skin on the sole of the foot and are flush with the surface of the sole)…only way I could get rid of them was for the doctor to finally burn them out. 😦

      • My daughter had a large plantar wart on one foot. Our doctor told us to try taping the inside of a banana peel (cut to size) directly onto the wart and leave it there for several days (it’s fine if the peel turns black). The plantar wart took about a week to come out using the banana peel, but it came out completely and healed over well with no more warts.

  49. Thank you for posting this. I will try tea tree oil first and then acv and lastly the thread idea. I will let you know how it goes. 🙂

  50. I had a giant one on the back of my leg for a few years. I didn’t even know it was just a skin tag till my dr told me. He said he could remove it but I am a wimp. So I googled it and asked everyone on Facebook lol and a bunch of people recommended the string tying method. It took almost three weeks and it was sore the whole time but it finally fell off about a week ago and appears to be healing properly. That sucker had to be the size of a pea at least – yucky!

  51. Dental Floss. Tie a loop. Put loop around the tag. Pull strings tight. Pain is minimal. Tag will change color immediately as blood source is cut off. Tie another knot so it stays tight. Cut ends of string. Leave. Tags and string will fall off in a few days. I red spot will remain for a short while, then disappear completely. You may need to have someone lose due the actual knot tie-ing etc… pending location. Works great.

  52. All you need to do is get 2 family members or friends and have one hold the skin tag with tweezers and whoever else to use sewing thread and loop it around your hanging skin. Tighten it and do a second loop. Once tied around twice go ahead and tighten. No pain or discomfort. Cut off excess thread. Give it a few days and they’ll fall right off without you even noticing.

  53. Try placing a piece of medical tape or masking tape with a hole cut big enough to fit the tag through, over the surrounding skin to protect it from any reaction to the ACV, place your ACV soaked cotton pad / Band-aid over that.

  54. I used a nail clipper and it worked fine, no bleeding, dabbed it with dettol !!! now I just can’t spot where it was in the first place!!!

  55. Do you think this would work for a planters wart? My daughter has one on the bottom of her foot and it is causing her pain.

    • I got rid of dozens of plantar warts on the bottom of my foot using duct tape. Just cut pieces to cover them, and change the tape every few days. Mine were completely gone in about 2 weeks…and I had tried every over-the-cover product out there.

  56. I got rid of all my daughter’s warts with bananas. Just cut a very small piece, the size of the wart, and tape it wet side down with first aid tape. We did this overnight and took them off in the morning for school. Within 1 week they were gone.

  57. My consultant thinks, there is a link between, the scores of skin tags, on my inner thighs (my chest is also home to many, many warts/molds), and the polyps growing (but now removed) in my colon. Anyone else know about this?

  58. I have had the vinegar on mine for like two days and it started stingin and turned white so should I just leave it alone now and let it fall off?

  59. That is good info. Will definitely try this for skin tags. Now for another question, I have something that is skin colored, close to the skin. Ugly things; can’t remember the name….Ketotis something or other. Will the ACV work on them?

  60. Thanks so much. My mother has many of these skin tags and complains all the time. We are going to try your method. Thank you for your post.

  61. I am going to try the vinegar, but I have used dental floss and it works. Of course you don’t want to use this on your face or where it is seen by others, unless you put a band aid over it. I just tie the floss around the tag as close to the skin line as possible. Tie it real tight and leave it over night. Sometimes it may be a couple days. It turns black and dries out and falls off. You can actually cut them off too if you are brave. Pull them out tight and cut. But they do bleed. I think that is why the floss works well because it cuts off the blood flow. If they get too big I go to a Dermatologist to have them removed. Don’t mess with the big ones.

  62. Tried tea tree oil and it didn’t do anything. Tied a string around tag and it was gone in 2 days. No scar. Duct tape works on warts. Leave it on, it takes a few days or maybe weeks depending on the size.

  63. I have skin tags and sebhorrial keratosis (mole-looking growths) that are spreading and causing me to stress. Can’t afford to get them removed by a dermatologist. I am going to try the vinegar and maybe the dental floss too. I will let you know if it works.

  64. Keep in mind that these are great ways to get rid of skin tags, but did you know that skin tags are a sign of diabetes? If you have then, the next time you visit your Dr., ask them to check your A1C levels which tell you your average sugar levels in your body for the past 3 months. It needs to be below 6 — some say 6.5. Use these ugly tags as a reminder to watch out for diabetes.

  65. I have tried the ACV for about two days now and it turned white and is very sore to put more on. Looks as if there is a sore on it from the acid. Has this happened to anyone? If I stop putting it on will it fall off and die or do I need to continue? Thanks!

  66. Anyone know how to remove those raised age spots that are flat and kind of crustyish? (I know, I know, that’s not a word) Would this method work the same?

  67. I had an annoying skin tag that I picked on for years, asked dermatologists to remove (they all told me it would leave a scar and leave it)it. Finally I read this article and pierced it with a sterilized pin and put acv on it for 3 days…IT WORKED, it is gone and absolutely no scar. I have one now that I am working on it is located on the front of my left calf, this one is not working as quickly, it is getting smaller, but not gone. I am just wondering if it is a wart ad not a skin tag.

  68. I had a very large one on my forehead -wouldn’t you know it ?-I started rubbing it daily with Vaseline Intensive care lotion and got up one morning to wash my face and it was gone.My granddaughter was a P.A. in a doctor’s office.She told me about Apple cider vinegar so I keep the bottle with a few cotton balls on the kitchen counter and hhave used it often.I have a very important wedding on November 1 most of the clothes I like show a lot of neck so I’m working on getting a bunch removed.Stay tuned..!!!

  69. This really works I tried it on my husband he had 3 on his neck we did the bandage over night for 3 nights the 4 the day it fell off!!! I really recommend to at least try it!!

  70. I don’t know why u would use any type of solution on your skin. My newborn son had one on the side of his face and tied a thin string around the base of his to cut the blood supply off to it and in 2 day it simply fell off and has never come back or left any mark and he is now 14yrs old. Any skin tags I’ve ever had I’ve simply clipped them off. Apply ice to numb a bit then clip. Doesn’t bleed much especially since ice was applied prior. Then just keep clean.

  71. Here’s a funny! I had one on my boob near the cleavage area, I was dressed up for Halloween (kinda sexy) didn’t like that it was there for all to see so I put a Halloween body sticker on it and the next morning I woke up and the sticker was gone (must have fallen off) and the skin tag had disappeared lmao, I thought it was magical at the time but now reading that tape works for removal I feel silly lol

    • I have used ACV on a seed wart. GONE! I’m wondering if ACV works on moles as well. I have one of those clear moles on my nose. It’s just slightly raised but would like to get rid of it. My concern is if it works it may also leave a small crater where the mole once was. Would it also work on a brown mole on my neck? Anybody have a suggestion?

  72. Usually leave a teaspoon in the freezer. Three times a day apply the tag on until you feel pain. In 4-5 days, she falls down and does not return. If the spoon is silver better!

  73. I used to get skin tags now & then in my 20’s. I put ice on them for a bit to slow down the blood flow AND sting of the razor blade I used to snip them off. IF you can stomach it, it’s the quickest method. My only problem was that the bandaid I used to cover them really irritated my skin. I have many now, yrs later.. a few medium size & several tiny ones (almost like a cluster). I have some in strange places, like one lone tag on the outside of my thigh. I WILL try the apple cider vinegar.

  74. Just a good squeeze with tweezers and it will fall off in a few days. I did this to several and only one hurt after the squeeze, but it was a large one. No scars at all.

  75. I have a large skin tag on my inner thigh that gets irritated when I wear certain jeans and even underwear. I just bought some ACV and will try the cotton ball and band aid thing tonight.

    • You had a large skin tag behind your thigh i read in the forum, and you said you wil try they vinegar thing, did you try it, did it work?
      Did u c the doctor first to see if its safe?

  76. Amazing and so simple!! Came off on day 4 for me. Skin is a little irritated from the acid in the ACV but it’ll heal. Just glad the tags are gone!!

  77. I am definitely going to try some of these ideas … I have lots and lots of skin tags .. also do any if you read any of the replies .. the same methods are being repeated over and over …

  78. I have several skin tags in the are pit, [both arm pits] using dental floss to tie them off would be difficult…. is there a method that would be less cumbersome..

  79. my 80 yr. old mother had a black raised mole like area on her face. Her Dr. said it was not cancerous and if she cut it off it would leave a hole in her cheek. She applied castor oil to it whenever she thought about it and in a month or so it disappeared and was only left with a tiny darker colored spot on her cheek which could be covered with concealer. Always be sure first that any mole is not cancerous.

  80. use a piece of dental floss or thread wrap around & tie it tight as you can stand it…after a few days floss/thread might loosen up, re-do it again, but thread/floss does have to be super tight..yes, it will feel like someone is pinching your skin, you might feel alittle discomfort, but depending the size of the mole/skin tag the floss/thread being tied tightly, does cut off the blood flow, that it does eventually die/turns colours til it falls could be start falling off & be hanging on by a piece of skin, if so don’t pull it off as there will be still some sense of feeling there unless you’re prepared..just will fall off on it’s own time rate, some people say 3-5 days or a week again it depends the size of the mole/skin tag also…Just make sure you do not pick the area from where it fell off or rub skin area hard, to prevent bleeding or infection….my husband & I have both done this several times to different areas on our bodies, moles/skin tags, different sizes, shapes, etc. & none of them have ever came back infections no problems no’s better than spending money on all these products that they have on the market that don’t work whatsoever..

  81. I got a mild burn on my face after using Apple cider vinegar continuously for two days.The tag has dried but hasn’t fallen off.

  82. i had some skin tags under my arm and hand them removed about 2 years ago by my Dr and they have come back. I might try this and see if it works for me! Thanks!

  83. had one under my eye… I was nervous about it turning black so I opted for Tee Tree oil. I just dabbed some on it a couple times a day for 2 days then left alone. I was always tugging on it, to begin with. Noticed a pin sized black tip on the tag a couple days later. I tugged on it lightly and the black disintegrated in my finger tips.
    A few days later, I tugged on it again, and this time, it just popped out, root and all!!
    Bled a bit but used a qtip to dab it, and that was it.
    I hope it does not come back!!!
    Feels like a hole that filled up with more matter of some sort.
    Perhaps, the whole root did not come off?
    Im going to try that on the one on my neck , next!!

  84. If you ever need to stop bleeding quickly, use cornstarch. I saw a vet use it when he cclipped one my dog’s nail too close. It was bleeding really fast. Cornstarch stopped it immediately. I have tried it on a variety of cuts and lacerations. It works immediately. Don’t be skimpy.

  85. How dangerous would any of these methods be if the tag is by the eye, I mean literally on the corner of my eye and on the inside of the bottom lid. Would love to get rid of them as they really are bothersome, especially if I want to wear eyeliner. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  86. NEVER mess around with your vision. One slip and you will be sorry forever. You want to wear eyeliner? Visit a professional. Tags on your neck different story.

  87. I’ve use sharp sissors on three. Left torso and two under left arm. Swabed the area with alcohol, raised them as I sniped them off, Styptic to stop any bleeding, triple antibiotic ointment and a little gause under medical tape for a few hours… 3 bigins down, bunch of small ones to go…

    What causes them to grow in the first place, does anyone really know?

  88. I tried the thread method, tied it as tight as I could by myself, I am now on day 4 and it hasn’t fallen off yet nor do I notice it looking different, my question is now that the thread is tied in a double knot what if the skin tag never falls off, how can I get the thread off?

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